Getting a Ceramic Restoration

Having a tooth chipped away, damage, or decayed, happens to people. While people would naturally try to avoid or prevent that from happening by having proper oral practices, it can still happen to anyone. Of course there are still solutions to this though. One of the solutions is by getting a dental restoration. There are different kinds of dental restoration but the most commonly known one is the one with the silver crown or filling. Nothing is wrong with having a silver crown or filling but some people would rather prefer that their smiles to not have them.

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That’s perfectly fine too. But if you’re looking for an alternative to silver crowns and fillings, then you can get a ceramic restoration instead.

What is a ceramic restoration?

Ceramic restoration is a crown that can be placed in your tooth and it is made out of dental ceramic. So what exactly makes a ceramic restoration better than a normal one?

  • It is biocompatible meaning it would not harm the tissue once it is put in the mouth
  • Having a ceramic restoration looks better than having a silver crown or filling because it looks like a normal tooth
  • This is very resistant to wearing because of the hard material it is made from
  • You don’t have to worry about oral fluids degrading it because ceramic crowns are less likely to be degraded from oral fluids.
  • Ceramic crows are less sensitive to temperatures

When should you get one?

 When exactly should you get a ceramic restoration? When is it needed? Here are some reasons for why you might be getting a ceramic restoration:

  • Get a ceramic restoration if you’re getting large restorations
  • You want to replace the broken or degraded restorations
  • You want your restorations to look better
  • You want to fix or replace the natural tooth structure
  • You have a broken or chipped tooth and you want to fix the shape
  • There are teeth that you want to replace
  • You’re getting a root canal and ceramic restoration is the final step

Same day ceramic restoration

So maybe you’re planning to get a ceramic restoration but due to reasons like schedules, you might have to get it on the same day. Worry not for there are dental clinics like that can do a same day restoration.

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