How To Wear Swimwear Like An Instagram Model

Thousands of women rack up millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of likes—not to mention fame and fortune—just from posing in bikinis on Instagram. Instagram models are an entirely new phenomenon born from the current social media craze that has millions of people scrolling through their Instagram feeds several times a day.

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Some of the women who gain attention from their Instagram posts even go on to pursue successful big-time modeling careers, signing with popular mainstream modeling agencies and appearing on runways or in glossy magazine spreads. Even if you don’t plan on chasing after a modeling career, it’s hard not to feel jealous of the effortless body confidence Instagram models seem to have as they constantly post pictures of themselves in skimpy swimwear for the world to see. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of the top tricks of some of the most popular social media swimwear models to feel more confident in your swimwear—even confident enough to snap a selfie for your own Insta feed.

  1. Show Some Skin

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a picture of a popular Insta model wearing a modest one-piece swimsuit. A major part of keeping your body confidence high is showing some skin.

Show off your sexy curves with confidence in a bikini that’s slightly more scandalous than the styles you usually wear. Check out the skimpy styles in this thong bikini collection from for inspiration before you hit the beach. 

  • Perfect Your Lighting

There are not many women who can say that they love seeing pictures of themselves in a bathing suit. If you want to feel confident enough in your swimwear to show off pics of yourself on the beach on social media—even if it’s just to your friends and family and not to thousands of eager followers—you’ve got to get the right lighting.

A good background and soft sunlight—not direct, in-your-face rays—are the keys to giving all of your outdoor bikini pics that coveted glowing finish that always looks sexy. Backlit photos in front of a pretty sunset are perfect for showing off your sexy silhouette without emphasizing your imperfections. If you’re eager to get that perfect beach pic, try waiting until the sun starts to go down to snap it.

  • Be Yourself

One of the best things about the booming Instagram model industry is that there is a large community of popular Insta models with body types that are beautiful, but non-conventional for models.

These curvy models—like Jada Sezer, Sonny Turner, and Candice Huffine to name a few—are ultra-confident in their own skin and have learned to love and embrace their body exactly the way it is. If they can do it, so can you!

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