Termite Exterminations: Your Best Call In Severe Termite Infestations

Termites can be a nuisance and an annoying problem in your home. Homeowners find themselves spending a lot of time and money by replacing damaged wood floors, repairing holed wooden wall and partitions, and such. However, getting rid of termites can be a big hassle because termites can create another or bigger colony in your home even if they are few. If you are having a hard time in exterminating termites in your home, termite exterminators can do the job with ease with a money back guarantee.

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Who are the termite exterminators?

From the name itself, termite exterminators are the experts and professionals who track downs termites nest and exterminates them. These experts can ensure you that every termite that invaded your home are gone for good and they can give you a professional advice how to prevent termites from invading your home again. Typically, termite exterminators has many tools in their disposal suitable into three kinds of treatment methods. These are Repelling, baiting and usage of termaticides (a kind of pesticide)

Kinds of treatments

These are the treatments usually done by a termite exterminator depending on the findings on his/her prior inspection

Repelling: The exterminator will use repellants to discourage termites from invading your home, this are usually done of there are minimal damages in your home

Baiting: the termite exterminator will place a wood, cardboard or any other materials with same characteristics near the nest. After placing, the exterminator will then coat or apply a poison into the wood bait. The termites will then eat the poisoned wood. The termites who ate the wood will carry back the poison particles back to their colony or nest that would slowly spread amongst them; this will kill the colony slowly but surely, because the poison particles will make sure that it would not kill its host immediately. This procedure is suitable when the home has been invaded already and the termites are already increasing.

Using termaticides: if placing baits and repellants are not enough, using termaicides gets the job done. The termite exterminator will place termaticide to the nest in order to exterminate all termites living in it, this is the most effective method in getting rid of pesky termites because termiticides is a very powerful pesticide that is even harmful to human body as well.

To learn more about termite exterminators and their procedures, check out their official website.

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